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Originally posted by <|FeaR|>Storm
I have another problem with the patch.

I used to have a nice ping between 100-155 since my hosted server is in the states and im over in holland.

Anyway my ping now is 170-250... wot the heck happened ???

I'm very close in removing the dang patch coz I cant do a single thing on my server without lagging..

In a duel i hop and hop.. I used to be able to duel without lag.. now with the patch installed I get an abruptive high ping..

I think this patch needs to be patched. I know it took a few patches for JO back when it was new. But this is getting rediculous.. i cant beat anyone anymore.

Thank you..
I get 3 to 10 fps and 500 to 800 ping on jk2!!
And I still allways come out on top in ctf with 1000 to 2000 points!

and another thing...
there is NO WAY IN HELL the patch causes that...
ping matters ONLY with the type of internet and the computer speed witch affects fps.

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