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Nameing the thing is easy. You just take a funny relevent word and slap -Trix at the end. Naming Matrix knock off Characters....that's trickier. depending how far you're deviating from the source material will define how much simmilar character names need to be. Is it a scene by scene reinactment, with twisted situations and one-liners? If that is the case naming the characters with ryming or variations of the accual characters they're based on would be best. Or are you just taking the Matrix consept and building something entirly new? In that case the characters DON'T have to have related names.

Speaking of Parody projects before I settled on Stanley Bicksford (which, insedently, had for the longest time been My Amatur Adventure project that was always on the back burner due to my inability to draw) I was tossing around the idea of a Back to the Future parody titled Jacked to the Future staring intrepid timetraveler Harry McBerry, a very bad Car theif, and a young stuggling Bill Gates

Still an option for someday....

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