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((Time to move the thread along. I have permission to do what I've done with Heimdall. As for the rest of the group, if anyone has any objections with what's happened simply speak up and I'll edit ))

*The group heads to the center of the city and enters a citadel. Dwarfs gather round, first a few, then hundreds as the word spread that the bearer of the Sword of Alvis had come. Once the dwarf leader gave the signal, Marin ascends a stand in view of the crowd. She recites the speech the dwarf gave her and descends, heading back to the group*

Marin: <We should probably leave now, before they get a chance to change their minds on letting us go...>

Guy: The map has changed again.

*The group descends into the lower levels of the citadel, the dwarf guards standing aside as they enter. When they reach the bottom level, the map bursts into flames and vanishes*

Misae: *startled* Now what?

Aidan: *illuminating the room by arcing lightning across his hands* Look. *In front of the group, an enormous gate stands embedded in the far wall. In front of it, another crystal key stands on a pedestal, covered in a glass structure. Another rolled-up map sits next to it*

Marin: First key, second key...*She touches the glass. It shimmers, and her hand passes through it as if it were water*

Marin: It seems we've found the third key.

*Heimdall inserts the second key into the gate's keyhole. The key dissolves into the opening and the gate splits in two as before. As the gates open, a whirling funnel of air begins tugging on those standing in front of it*

Raschel: We have to go in there...?

*Silence. Without a word, Marin steps in. The funnel of air wisks her upwards. The others follow, with nowhere else to go.

The wind carries them up, up, and up, until finally the group is deposited back on the planet's surface*

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