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yep i know ithis is lame but that what i wished heh

Name:i_stinks a.k.a stinko a.ka stinky (choose 1?)
Allignmentmy english bad i dun noe what allignment mean if it mean the partner then stormtrooper Zero friend!
Rank : a normal stormtrooper as zero
Voice (haven't think of it,maybe my Voice??):
Model :stormtrooper model of course?

well tell me if i forget abt something like getting the allignment meaning wrong.etc

i will rework and come out with another 1

i know is lame to put the name as my nick but.....that what i wish if possible

Reborn Ancient Jedi........

Reborn Ancient Jedi...A SP total conversion mod for JA.Whole new storyline.etc set between Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy...

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