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[You'll have to explain the link to me Red, KotOR has only just been released for PC over here in the U.K]

*Leaving the dock, the party see a shanty town of old buildings, particularly a group of downed AT-AT's. The people around them all carry similar mutations to Gorthit. Deac glances around, and notices a tall cylindrical structure. Grabbing a passing townsperson, he asks:*

Deac: Is that the way to see who's in charge here?

Townsperson: An outlander! Not since the empire quarentined this planet have we see others! Has it been lifted?

Deac: I'm not sure. My friends and I are looking for a Releth-

Townsperson: The Queen! You wish to see our queen!

*Several guards gather*

Guard: We'll take you outlanders to the queen. Follow us.

*The guards head off toward the giant cylinder.

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