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Some Questions...

I've read up about your idea on your website and it seems like a good story, and i hope it will be a great mod.

Just got a few questions for you....

1) What type of Reborn will the player be, example, will he be a JK2 Reborn with limited powers or a Reborn Boss with Level 1 or 2 Grip or lightning...?

2) What reborn model are you planning to use for players characther, Old Reborn, New Reborn, or Reborn Twin...or are you making a new Reborn model ? (Oh and what skin will you use for the Reborn, or will it be a custom one ?

3) Will the player be limited to say, 3 weapons or will he be able to pick up every weapon. ?
(Perhaps limiting it to 3 or 2 would introduce certain RPG elements )

Let me think of some more questions, hehehe...
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