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Post Star Wars Club

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Star Wars Fans look no further! Join the biggest, online Rebel club this side of the Minos Cluster - the Rebel Squadrons! Since 1994, we've been a haven to all Republic officers offering gaming and non-gaming activities. Check out our highlights:

- FREE Membership
- HUNDREDS of Members
- 9 YEARS of Service
- FULL Rank and Positions
- EARN Medals and Promotions
- WEEKLY Competitions
- MONTHLY Updates
- IRC and Message Boards
- LEARN New Skills
- STRENGTHEN Old Talents
- NON-GAMING Alternatives
... and much more!

Imperials and/or Dark Jedi, we've got some sister clubs for you, too!

For more info, drop us a line at!

John Gonzalez, Colonel
Minister of External Affairs
OCSWS Member
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