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Heimdall: Just perfect, we are near the temple and the Sith are having some kind of meeting.

*Heimdall scans the crowd looking to see if anyone noticed their arrival. He looks eye with a Sith warrior who was saying something that Heimdall couldn't make out. Speaking into his comlink*

Heimdall: Asgardried. We need an immediate pick up.

Asgardried: Oh sure, I hear nothing from you for a while, you leave me all alone. But now that you need me you expect me to be right there.

Heimdall: Just get here.

*As Heimdall finished a fire Jotun stepped into view, and behind that jotun was a frost Jotun.

The Fire Jotun hurls a giant fireball, over the Sith's heads. IT lands behind the group. When hitting the group it burst and flames spread everywhere.*

Svafa: This is going to get interesting. What is the ETA?

Heimdall: Just a minute, we should be fine. As long as we are not hit by the Jotuns.

*Another fire ball lands to the right of the group.*

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