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WH Irvine "Aw, this is just great!"


*Torchure room*

*The room is almost empty now due to commotion outside, the sith in charge, RH Irvine and the one preforming the torchure was still presant.*

Lead Sith *At the Sith whom left.* "Damn foolish minded beings." *To the torchurer* "Let's get this over with."

*The torchure picks up RH Irvine's lightsaber and ignites it, going to use it to kill RH Irvine.*

RH Irvine *Waking.* "Silly how it is that you'd kill me with my own weapon."

Sith "!?"

*Anger erupts from with in RH Irvine as Force lightning arcs from his hands to the other two individuals in the room. The restaraints burst off of Irvine, while the barbed crown also widens.

Irvine stands, with hatered in his eyes force pulls his lightsaber back into his hands. The lightsaber falls to the floor due to Irvine not being able to grasp it with his injured forearms. Irvine yells in pain, trying to move the saber with the force to his holder on his belt.

The Sith stands up, Irvine reacts and bolts his further and further, with a same expression that his grandfather held in his last moments on the DSII.*
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