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Brian gets 100 for the set of 5 new Indys. I saw a set of 6 (the 1st edition one included) for 100 on eBay. IS Taters back yet or what?

Now for why I came here:

Well of Souls eBay Auction

Or, if you have crappy connections, here's the description:

You are bidding on the Well of the Souls playset from Raiders of the Lost Ark. In MINT condition with original box (not in mint condition). Includes base, two arches, replica Ark of the Covenant with carrying poles and cover, two torches, 14 snakes, grappling hook with string, mummy and wall with "breakaway" section. Assembly is required; approx. 12"L x 7-1/2"W x 8"H when assembled. Will be shipped DISASSEMBLED with box.
HEY! I mentioned a bonus, didn't I?! Original set did NOT come with action figures. However, I've added an Indiana Jones action figure with pistol and whip plus a Sallah action figure with torch!! Arms on both move at shoulders; legs move at hips and knees. NOTE: Indiana's right thumb broke off years ago and was re-glued (pistol is too large for hand). Although right arm has "quick draw" action, I strongly recommend against using it because the thumb might come off again.

The pictures look very nice, but the pistol that comes with Indy is actually too small for his hand so I have a feeling it may not be the original. Nevertheless, I don't need it for that scene. Wish me luck

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