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Heimdall: Those are the creatures we kept contained.

*As the bolt from Raschel's gun near's the fire Jotun. The Jotun's skin appears to brust into flame, the bolt hits and bounces off, doing no damage.

The Frost Jotun then hurls a ball of wate looked like ice. When it impacted the ground everything in a ten foot radius was flash frozen.

The Sith torture begins to laugh at RH Irvine's feable attempt to gain his freedom. He stands and absorbs the lightning. Using the force he lifts RH Irvine and tosses him through a sky light. Glass is imbeded into his skin and Irvine lands about 20 feet from the group.


The Asgardried lands behind the group, the main door and ramp are already lowered.*

Svafa: Into the ship, unless you want to die.

*The group begins making it's way towards the ship. Fire, and Ice balls falling around them.*

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