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[OOS: Nope, must be a co-incidence. Wait... *Deac has a sudden flashback of being strapped in a chair and forced to play while a ghoulish scientist with green goggles watches his vital signs* NOOOO! *Terminator theme begins to play*...]

*The group enter the elevator and descend into the throneroom. Seated at the end of the chamber is a woman, with jet black hair and large bat like wings, along with red eyeballs and pale white skin*

Reletha: And two ghosts enter the demon Queen's realm. How did you do it this time, Starkiller? Have you come to avenge Orthos yet again? Don't you realise that I will never die thanks to my brother, as you will never die due to the fact that you're the only character the writers can really use some bizarre reason?

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