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Its a shame that ladders are pretty much dead for nf dueling! I remember in dark forces 2 that EVERYONE was on cases ladder for nf duels, there was about ...500 people on the ladder, lol! And now look! All these new generations duelers, ladders fizzled out with Jedi Outcast and with JA! Servers run their gay stats crap, and list the stats on their sites, like darkstats, and such! The thing is half the people are cheating by getting their scores! Some examples would be finding a stats server when nobody is on it, and having a friend let you kill him over and over while they change their name often! Or changing your name before you die! LOL, these are really qay, and I have owned the people listed in the top 10 on darkstats servers! So its all BS! We need a huge tournament for JA, to prove who is the the real top dawg in nf duelz! That is the only way to prove skill! Plus on darkstats and such you can change your name to someone elses and lose with it, and mess their stats all up! Give me a break , there is people that are like 300 and 10 or some crap like that,you lose more matches in 300 duels due to glitch hits that 10! ROFL Oh wait this one is funny he is 328 and 0 look at the names of the people he has killed! He killed some dude 209 times lol, whatever, how about his own name listed in his kill list! Well I am done bringing down server stats like darkstats! L8r yall

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