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Wow, some people are rediculous. Gender is part of who you are no one should have to hide it because there are rabid hormone machines stalking around these games (well maybe they should for there own sake lol), but making these broad sweeping generalazations like "All girls just say they are girls to get attention" or "online girls are ugly!" is just stupid. Apparently you obtained pictures of the majority of girls that play online games which i find amazing! plus if you really just care about looks entirely you are going to end up with a stupid girl who falls for you shallow personality and ends up cheating on you in the end... but hey she was hot!!

What about people saying that girls just say they are women to get attention? I've seen these a lot of times before and it's true guys do suck up to them more. I got into a bit of a scrap with a girl on chop shop (I'm sure you read this Ami) and I ended up with about 5 other guys who werent even there when the argument started 2 maps ago now all dogging me. -oh and for future refrence don't get into fights with girls in a game cuz everyone will gang up on you lol- BUUUUUT not ALL girls are like that infact im sure the majority aren't. Probobly most girls play with non-gender defining names just to avoid the kind of people that the internet brings out (there's a girl in my clan who used to play under a male name for the longest time).

so in concluuusion if you are male - please respect the girls who play, by not being sexist and not humping their leg like a pre-neuterd puppy. and if you are female - don't use your gender to get ahead in anything, using people is terrible.

EDIT: Ohh by the way just wanted to say I used to know sk.swe in counter strike he would come into the server I always played on and get kicked for "cheating" (yes there are abusive, stupid admins in CS too).

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