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Originally posted by //stratosph34r
hehe MOST girl gamers are ugly as butt...
I'm sure if your girlfriend played video games, she'd be the one exception, right? Oh what's that? Don't have a girlfriend?

Color me surprised.

Some of us don't make presumptions (or frankly give a hoot) about the gender of our online opponents. If you or the crowd you hang out with has this sort of childish pre-occupation, that's YOUR cross to bear.

FYI, tossing around expressions like "pussywhipped" or "stupid ass mother****ing fanbois" not only is inappropriate to these forums, but also solidifies the notion that you're nothing more than an immature cretin, trying desperately to sound "tough." Rather than insulting anyone here, you're just giving us an opportunity to laugh at your expense.

Thanks for the chuckle.

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