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Originally posted by theguyincorner
Anyway, back on topic... Like I said before when you join a server just ask what the rules are or watch to see what everyone else is doing before you start saying "no laming" or "hey this is ffa why is no one fighting!!!" There are people maintaining and often paying for the server you are playing on. they set the rules not you. you have the privlage to play there it's not your god given right. so just respect the other players and above all the people who run the servers.

If it's not your style of server move on and find another.
Amen. If everyone played this way there would be no confusion, but I guess that simply asking what the rules are when you join is just to difficult a task for some people.

Guys, if you continue this disturbing flame war about women in video games this thread will be closed, and we were having a good discussion before this woman thing got in somehow...
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