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Ah, so it's trade secrets you want, hmmm?

Pretty much, my budget is around the same as yours. I don't make any money doing projects for Nightlight, which is why it's so difficult. The one thing it has in it's favour is that I lucky enough to have access to a radio station with recording equipment. I use their equipment for recording. I use my own computer for editing, to be specific, the program is called Cool Edit 2000, which I will have to update now that it's been bought out by Adobe and is now called something different. As for sound effects, I can't be much help, sorry. I have access to a CD sound effects library called The Hollywood Edge - it equates to about 50cds. So maybe there's some merits to the website that Holdy suggested.

If there's one that you really can't find, let me know. I might be able to help you.

As for me getting all shirty about people making their own parodies about whatever, let me just say that I don't mind. I honestly don't. Heck, I'd want to hear them. Scamp was a bit of a special exception. As soon as he was chosen to be in Beneath Monkey Island, he decided to go off and make his own radio show about Monkey Island. I think I had grounds to be annoyed about that.

As for parodies not being much like the original, hopefully one day you will be able to hear Lost Cause III - Darth Vapour and the Fantabulous Dud Star which is more like a fast food version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory than Star Wars.

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