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Trael: Caution. This being has been altered by some fashion I do not identify. Her genetic makeup was formerly that of a tertiary race of human. DNA scans tell me that she is related to Deac Starkiller here, who is of her former race.

*Rwos watches Deac's reactions* Wait. He doesn't know...Orthos hasn't been killed yet, in his time...

*Something in Rwos' recent memory begins to stir* Wait. But Orthos...Orthos wasn't dead...or was he? Yes, he died, but there was another...and Deac and I were another universe...parallel...wait...I don't understand...

*Rwos' head begins to hurt. His mind looses hold of the slippery thoughts, which seem to float off into ether*

Probably nothing.

A'melie: *musing* Two ghosts? Technically, since this is either the future or the past for every one of us, we're all really specters, phantoms...

H'lena: *to Reletha* Aren't you a sight? Who are you supposed to be? Rather, should I ask...who were you?

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