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*Another ball of fire hits Marin, who has completed her morph. The fire burns over her, but fails to harm her new form. But the glowing blood underneath the cracks in her skin becomes brighter as the heat energy feeds it. With the sensation of such intense heat on her skin, the morph's sleepy mind wakes up. Marin is unprepared for its strength. In a moment, her situation is inversed. The lava creature's primary instincts, to seek out and feed on heat, takes control of Marin's mind.

Marin begins lumbering towards the source of the heat - the Fire Jotun. Before she could lumber very many steps, however, she is hit squarely by a ball of frost. Her morph is flash-frozen and she teeters over, stunned.

Another ball of fire approaches the ship's hatchway. Misae, feeling a surge in the Force, pushes the ball back towards where it came from. It ends up on a collision course with the Frost Jotun*

Why are you running, Misae? We are like you...we feel what you feel...we want what you want...why do you resist us?

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