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*Davin points his grenade launcher ((m-79)) at Reletha.*

Davin "Look, I don't give a living crap on whats going on. We came here to get what ever information and leave. Now it's your decision weither or not we do it quietly."

((Oh hell, i broke it now, can't keep him annoymous now ))

*(?) Irvine walks in from behind, putting a hand on his saber, Davin pulls his double barrel and points it at him.*

(?) Irvine "Why? You're the ones who trespassed on to this planet, we should be the one who asks the questions first. Like, who are you, and why should we give out our information to you?"

Davin "The name is Davin, and who the hell are you?"

(?) Irvine "Just someone who's here on a favor. Answer my question."
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