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*Higher planes*

*Two "Gods" are in disscussion*

BattleDog: We should have sent a champion.

War Wolf: Well it was your turn to go to the meeting, only you were dozing.

BD: I'd just mauled a deer!

WW: Send someone anyway.

BD: I will.

WW: The others are going to be put out.

BD: So what.

*Taklin Flax appears, aged 25*

Flax: What in the Force?

BD: I am the BattleDog, you, Taklin Flax have been chosen to join a quest to save the universe.

Flax: Uh, ok.

BD: Right, have a nice trip.

*Flax dissapears.*

*Flax reapears, 10m above the ground, he hits with a sickening thud, breaking his neck.*

BD: Damm! *Flax is revived.*

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