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Re: Getting at the skins in Kotor....?

Originally posted by eidospsogos
does anyone know why, when neverwinter knights is so mod-friendly, kotor would be so d@mn restrictive with this?
Because, as Chris Priestly said,
Originally posted by Chris Priestly
as for moding, neither BioWare nor Lucasarts support it (to the best of my knowledge), we do not encourage it, and if anyone sends me a bug about a game that they have modded, I will ignore it as the game's integrity has been compromised.
He also said that NWN was a "special" case because it was designed to be modified, that half of the game was the ability to modify it. KotOR wasn't. That's why it's so "d@mn" restrictive.

And this is unconfirmed, but I've also noticed that not a single Lucas Arts published game is openly modifyable. This is probably because it's more difficult to design a game that doesn't break or become unbalanced when modded, and to help protect the copyrights and trademarks of the Lucas brandnames (Indiana Jones, Star Wars, etc).

I understand your desire to modify it, and I share your desire. I'm just letting you know the facts. And if you find a skinning and modelling tool for KotOR, I'd love to get it.

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