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ok i downloaded the patch and i noticed a few things that still have to be fixed and someother things that have been.

i noticed they changed saber blocking and im not sure what they did with blocking saber throw but it seems random now. they still need to fix the bullet problem where the charactor blocks if bullets are shot anywhere around him. thats a problem it should be only when shot at him lol. i dont know if this is a bug or not but i noticed sometimes when i do wall jump i get stuck on the wall (i hate that) . they still havent changed the stegnths of the sabers and theres still alot of ass fighting. i personaly think the sabers should be a little more powerful like they were in JO. i hate having to hit somone 3-5 times when they only have 100/25 hp with the strongest regular attack i have. for instance Red DFA should take all or atleast most of somones HP. standard straight down swing with red should take two full swings. and i noticed if you get too close to somone you dont take any damage. that needs to be fixed. actualy i dont see any new changes in the game so maybe it is a fake. ill see if i can get in contact with somone in raven to talk to them

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