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actually, you're wrong. the last two installments of the jedi knight series have amenu option specifically for loading mods. if that isn't openly modifiable then i don't know what is.

neither one of these games was designed to be able to be modified. but that did not stop raven from releasing modding tools for the game. no one came down on them for allowing LucasArts intellectual property to be messed with.

very few games that develop a mod community were intended to be modded. so, so what if KOTOR was not intended to be able to be modified with full support of a software corporation.

my point was this. i think maybe one percent of the games released on to today's market, probably less actually, were DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY to be modded by your average home pc user. and yet, this activity has managed to gain such a following that several months ago PC magazine said it would be the hottest trend in the pc world for 2004.

so, if everyone out there with their identical eulas, were being so restrictive as to say that any posts about modding their game on their forums would be locked, then not a single person could ever discuss modding games online at all. (which reminds me i think there are links to mod community sites and forums on the official JO and JA webpages at LucasArts' website)

considering that both jedi oucast and jedi academy have mod-loading options built in to the in game menu, i don't think it's lucasarts who has a problem with this.

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