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Hey, I never said anything about not wanting mods, and Chris Priestly even said that what the user does is up to them. They aren't going to get after LucasForums for allowing conversations of mods. They simply do not want people clogging their forums with questions about things that they (currently) don't support. That's for things they DO support, such as those bugs that you say KotOR have. Go report them.

And skinning can cause crashes if you try to make it load something it doesn't support. If you use the wrong header you might create a 100000000000x1000000000000 picture, or a 927 bit depth. I guarentee you your video card won't like this. Granted if they gave you developer tools this wouldn't happen, they decided that the single player game was long enough, and replayable enough, and that they had taken long enough making the thing, that they didn't need to spend more time making their toolsets usable by the general public.

I'l grant you the last two FPS's had SDK's later on, but those were provided "as is", if I recall correctly, and were unsupported.

Don't get your panties in a bunch, dude(ette). I'm just stating the facts and why NWN is so much more modifiable. Maybe because NWN CAME WITH A TOOLSET. You know they don't have to provide forums in the first place, right? Just be glad that they didn't hard code everything like companies did a few years ago. They don't owe you anything, they'll get enough money without modding. Heck, from a business standpoint replayability and modifyability are down right undesirable because then people are playing that game instead of the game you just released. Also be glad that they find it sensable to have replayability (because it makes the game more desirable, making more people buy it).

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