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i'm not trying to be an ass here or anything. i just don't like that that they were trying to place the blame of their no modding stance on LucasArts being over-protective of their intellectual property. when it is very obvious to anyone that has played the jediknight series that this is not the case.

and i am sure there are alot more dos and donts when it comes to the skins in this game, as compared to the skins for a game like Jedi Academy. which is the main reason i posted to begin with. just to see if anyone knew how to work with their files.

the rant was merely a side issue.

i wasn't expecting bioware to release a toolset or support it. that matter is completely up to them. i think they have done a great job with this game. and other than occasional bugs this game is perfect. in every way. very true to the star wars atmospehre, a plot that is completely engrossing, huge amounts of addictive side-quests, the list goes on and on. all and all they took every thing i liked from all the different rpgs and put them all together into one beautiful package.

i was merely perturbed at their trying to point the finger at LucasArts and legal issues, when it came to their reasons for banning mod discussion on their boards. LucasArts has been very open to mods with other games they have released, and while they may not have been officially supported, they were not challenged or shut down, until they became intrusive into the star wars timeline(which is the big concern for Lucas since he sold away so many rights to what happened after the return of the jedi that he lost the ability to do the sequels that were planned to be released after the prequels, because he couldn't mess with the timeline that had been established by the authors he sold the rights to). but that's not what a majority of game modding is about. alot of us just want to mess with things of an aesthetic nature. maps, models, skins etc.

so i'm not downing bioware for their game, or their lack of official mod support. but for the reasons they were giving for their lack of official support.
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