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That wasn't them, that was me (I'm not from Bioware). I noted before I said it that it was "unconfirmed." Every game that I had bothered to mod that was published by Lucas Arts didn't have developer released tools and required the fans to make the tools. However, I didn't bother to try to modify Jedi Outcast or Jedi Academy. I apologize for that misstatement. Chris Priestly, who IS from Bioware, said that Bioware and Lucas Arts does not support unauthorized modification of their games. Unauthorized. Meaning, fan mods. They support NWN Modules because those are "authorized," but they don't support anything you do to KotOR unless they release an SDK that says in it's liscense that you are authorized to make mods. I haven't looked at an SDK agreement in a while, but they usually say that they aren't responsible for anything you do, and that they don't support the SDK.
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