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*With the entire group in the ship (assuming everyone made it in) Heimdall runs up the ramp and into the ship. As he ran up the ramp the Asgardried was already gaining altitude, and when he got inside the main engines roared and the ship took off.

Heimdall hits the control closing the hatch, and makes his way past Hal, and into the bridge. Sitting down he straps in*

Svafa: Causualties?

Heimdall: We have some wounded, but I don't believe any are dead yet.

Svafa: Not bad for our first encounter with them.

Heimdall: Could have been worse.

*The Asgardried breaks the atmosphere and enters space, and shortly thereafter jumps into hyperspace*

Heimdall: We have a destination?

Svafa: Not at the moment. THe ship will be making numerous hyperspace jumps over the next couple of days.

Heimdall: Come let us go check on the rest.

*The two exit the bridge and lock it behind them. Heimdall helps Hal to a emergancy bed that was deployed in the Lounge.

Svafa goes to the cargo hold to help Idun with any wounded there*

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