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Go to the Bioware forums and read their Sticky about no modding posts being allowed, and they will state that the reason they are taking that stance is due to LucasArts and legal issues concerning their intellectual property. I wasn't trying to take things you said out of context. when i am trying to make points, i am not merely going back to things you said in your posts. i was basing most of my opinions on this from things said at the bioware forum.

but anyway, can we get back on topic here please. this was not supposed to be a philosophical debate about the evils of the corporation, or legal issues of the software, and it is obvious we will probably never come to a point of agreement here. so let's agree to disagree about the bioware modding issue and the validity of their reasons etc, and just get back to whether or not anyone knows how to get the skins.

that's what i want to know.
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