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Re: Vengeance Cast Upon Lamers Forward

Originally posted by Marker0077

That's right folks, LucasForums might not let you talk about it on their forums but the folks over at GamingForums will. Please leave all commentary regarding this subject at GF since LF obviously doesn't want it discussed here.
ok i readed this whole threads here and at the gamingforums
first u should know i play duel also from release and i know what u mean with that but u must know its not cool or shows aswell no manners if someone is lame during your way to show virtualhonor aswell as laming him back....
i mean whats the point if u say or show u have respect and the others dont or even dont know about such thing which is no wonder in jk because mostly its a jk-thing which i also dont saw in any other games....

i decided to not bow in jka becuse i think its not meant to do so ( there is already a taunt for it), to do it looks for newcomers like a samurai is not honorable enuf to die so he must be slaughterd by a friend which is heading him off....

i dont wanna flame you or your opinion but plz does anyone has interests how honorable other or which manners they should have?

sry 4 my bad english im from austria no excuse but just my opinion
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