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As far as other societies having it - yes, I acknowledged that. I thought I pointed out though, that they only accepted it in the decadence of their culture.

Skin, I'll see if I can find those studies for you, but I really don't have time right now... something about HS and lots of hard classes...

The Bible actually says, Do not murder in the original translation. It actually supports the death penalty for a plethora of crimes.

Unfortunately, guys, the thing is that their are liberals with an agenda that goes against the family as we know it. Just as their are extremists on the right... anyone ever hear of the KKK? It's just that the liberals tend to have more influence for the simple reason that they haven't already been discredited.

I don't have a problem with gay people chosing that lifestyle. But like it or not, most do choose it - because they can choose to move away from it. While there are certainly a lot of factors that may incline someone to be gay, there is nothing that empirically shows that they have no choice in it - far from it: if it was predestined, people couldn't turn away from it.

The Bible's warning on fish is not "my opinion" - and it's not relativistic. Some research into the original text and whatnot clearly shows that most of the provisions regarding what could be eaten and what could not was simply on animals that often carried (and still carry) disease. As there weren't many ways of sanitization back then, the provisions were provided for safety. It's also not really relevant - except that homosexuality is also a health issue.

I don't live in a tiny box. I live in a Christian box... And I believe the Bible is true. I also go ahead and look for other evidence; to do otherwise is irrational, and - to be honest - stupid. I still come to the same conclusions.

Skin, you're right about the dichotomy. But only to a certain point - most of our culture doesn't think critically. It's sad, but people don't know how... so they follow the crowd, whichever crowd that happens to be.

A "cure" - okay, how about the large numbers of people who have been rehabilitated in Christian programs. Try looking up focus on the Family's programs on it, and you'll see a lot there. Sure, there have been relapses - but's that true of any temptation, including extramarital sex, so...

The evidence is in programs like those. Just look for it and you'll find it. Seriously. I'd get the link, but I have to go to my next class in about 1 minute, so, to finish quickly... Or not. Must go. but try those...

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