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While I would never accuse you of being the type of person who keeps themselves in a 'box' intelleactually (I know for a fact that isn't true), I'm afraid your conclusion regarding homosexuality is not taking modern evidence into account - at all.

But like it or not, most do choose it - because they can choose to move away from it.
Modern studies show that, in fact, it is the other way round. The evidence would suggest that most homosexuals don't choose to be homosexual, rather it is an inborn trait.

There were two seperate studies I referenced in another thread regarding homosexuaity. (It seems to have dropped off the bottom, but when I get more time I'll track that thread down).

The first study inspected the brains of people who claimed to be homosexuals, and found that a very particular part of the brain was physically different - consistantly, and IN EVERY SINGLE CASE when compared to hetrosexual brains.

The second study (independantly) reproduced homosexual behaviour in female rats by introducing unusually high levels of testosterone into the parent rat's womb.
The brains of the rats were studied and shows very similar differences to the human brains.

The conclusion? Unless you can specifically dispute the methods of the study (which hasn't been done yet to my knowledge), the evidence is clear. It shows that in all the cases tested, the people involved didn't choose to be gay, it was part of their inherent make-up.

My second problem is with this branch of your argument:

A "cure" - okay, how about the large numbers of people who have been rehabilitated in Christian programs. Try looking up focus on the Family's programs on it, and you'll see a lot there. Sure, there have been relapses - but's that true of any temptation, including extramarital sex, so...
So does this mean that every young person who thinks they are a little overweight should fight their natural urge to eat and force themselves not to? When is the ability to fight natrual urges justified, and when is it not?
...are you saying you don't follow any of your natural ugres? I'm assuming you do. Do I have the right to tell you which ones you should or shouldn't be following?

And one final point - to even try and draw any kind of parallel between those who want the equal rights of homosexuals recognised and the KKK - well - to be honest it's a little amusing really.
I know your not trying to actually make a direct comparison, just trying to show 'extremes' of things. Well, if you see equal rights as extreme, well - I guess you have a point.

...I mean, when the rights of women to recieve equal pay to men were being discussed by the American goverment in the 80's, many Christian and Jewish bodies voiced protest.

...why? Because it threatened to undermine the 'family unit' - where the man is the breadwinner and the woman is the home-maker
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