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Heimdall to Orthos: That can be done later. First we need to tend the wounded.

*Heimdall shows Ella to the lounge which was serving as an sick bay for now. He then heads for the cargo hold.


Idun looks over Marin and mutters spell. Orbs of light appear and begin going over Marin's body. Svafa continues to watch over Marin as Idun moves ot the others.

Idun turns to the Irvines, and examines RH Irvines arm and some of his other injuries*

Idun: These injuries are the results of the Sith torturing him. He was a fool for leaving the group and could have gotten everyone killed.

Take him to the lounge and put him on one of the beds that have been deployed. He will survive.

*Heimdall enters, and goes over to Idun. They talk briefly in hushed voices*

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