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Well, doing "Full Throttle" would be cool, but unfortunately the game doesn't really have that much music that can be ripped from the game. And besides that, the soundtrack with all the "Gone Jackals"-songs ("Bone Pick") is still available. So that probably wouldn't happen.


It's very hard to get good quality music from all the old LucasFilmGames-games, like "Maniac Mansion" or "Zak MacKracken". There are two great remixes from the main titles of those two games, made by Puffy64. I WOULD be interested in adding a "Classics"-section to my site, containing all the music from those games. But those older games didn't have that much music in them, though I've gotta admit, that I've never played the NES-version of "Maniac Mansion", so I don't know what's with the music inthat version. But even if it's good enough, how on earth would I rip data from an NES-game??

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