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*The Commander hits the wall, but is unscathed, he quickly gets to his feet.*

WH Irvine *In response to Flax's move* "Very well then."

*WH Irvine's eyes glow red as he raises his left hand, a rumbling in the air can be hear as those whom don't posess the 'nessesary training' in the force, to prevent themselves being lifted fromt he ground by their necks, mildly choking them. Half of the Demons gather around WH Irvine, preparing for retalation.*

WH Irvine *glaring with his glowing red eyes.* "I gave you chance to heed my warnings, but you didn't give me much choice. You are out numbered and the balence is far on our side."

*WH Irvine increases his grip slightly. At this pont Davin drops his weapons and trys to grab at the invisible force, in natural attempt to try and free himself.*

WH Irvine "Deac Starkiller, Taklin Flax, Continue with your actions agenst Reletha, or anyone else in this room, it will be at the cost of your friends' lives."
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