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Assuming we are talking about the Christian faith: No, sorry, but same sex marriage should not be allowed. Just no.

If any person walked into my church, a church they have the option to not to enter and an option not to be affiliated with and tells me I have the change my religion because of his religious views, I'd kick his ass.

You're telling me that it's ok to force one group of people to change their lifestyle in favor of anothers. Something most of you so strongly detest.

If a gay person wants to get married, I strongly suggest they go find a religion that accepts them. One person is not going to change the views of a church with roots 2000 years deep. Don't even try to.

This has nothing to do with the Goverment. In fact, it has nothing to do with anyone outside of your church! Religion is a personal choice. Much like you can't force a gay person to stop being gay, you cannot force a religious man to stop being his own flavor of religious.

Should the state recognize a civil union between a homosexual couple the way it recognizes a civil union between a heterosexual union? Yes. Should gay marriages be allowed? That depends on what religion you are talking about. But it should not be forced upon any religion who doesn't want it.
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