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Lightbulb The Reborn....

The "Reborn" in Jedi Outcast were basically a bunch of normal human beings who were subjected to the force energy of the Valley of the Jedi..... I think you're confusing the word "reborn" with "resurrection"..... "Reborn" either means that someone or something was born again or a starting over of lifestyle or philosophy.... "Resurrection" means to bring something back to life from the dead.... Do you see the difference now? Well I doubt I even needed to mention this information..... You would have picked up what exactly a "Reborn" was if you actually listened to the story line of the game in single player. I suggest that next time you intend on posting a message you think over what you're talking about and possibly do some "research" on it. It would sure save you a lot of ridicule and prevent you from looking ignorant or stupid in the eyes of others. It would also save some space for more relevant posts and topics on this forum. Just keep that in mind, Zhadow, the next time you intend to post a topic.

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