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I noticed this while trying out the mod earlier:

After your first time of loading up the mod through the menu/mod window, you'll no longer see it in that mod menu! I believe it has to do with the jamp.config files that are created after your first use, so you if you want to keep on running this thing, you have to constantly delete the files that JA automatically adds to the folde each time around.

(Honestly, I'm dissapointed with this mod. I myself am a JA Roleplayer (OMFG j00 nubzz BYU SWG11!1) and at the word of emotes I was essentrically excited. I found OmniMod 1.1 to be a ripoff of the crap emotes we had in Jk2. JA has some great new animation, and i'm looking forward to seeing every duel mode emote enabled in all other gametypes, and some new original emotes as well.)

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