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Thumbs down Jedi Academy 1.01 patch-VERY ANNOYING GLITCHE ENCOUNTERED!!!

On any computer I have I try to patch jedi academy too, the patch installs fine, I start up the game, and once I have all three saber styles in single player mode with a single saber, I can only browse through all three styles once, because once I try to go from blue to yellow a second time it just reverts back to blue!!!! WTF??? Does anyone else have this problem with v1.01 of JA? It's really annoying, and yes, my comp is running fine, I have all the latest drivers, the specs of my comp are:

P4 2ghz
Radeon 9500 Pro
SBA Gamer
WinXP Home
Two 40GB HDS

What's wrong???

Any ideas??? Please respond! Thanks!!
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