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If you have a high-spec PC and Windows Movie Maker, you can record .avi demos through JA.

1. Move all you screenshots from your screenshot folder to another place for now.

2. Start up your game and make a bind for "toggle cl_avidemo". This means you can toggle recording of avi demos on and off.

3. Press the key and start the fight. Note - if you don't have a very fast PC you'll get VERY low fps - remember avi demos from JA are actually taking streams of screenshots. I have a 1.4 GHz processor and 256MB RAM, and I only get about 4 fps with this on.

Basically, you may want to ask someone to spec and record it for you, because it's very hard to have a duel with such low fps.

4. Once the battle finishes, press the key again to turn off avidemo.

5. Now check your screenshots folder....

One way of putting it is that these screenshots are the avi demo cut into frames.

6. Open Windows Movie Maker and go to File>New. Now click on "Import pictures" on the left under "1. Capture Video" , select ALL the screenshots in your base/screenshots folder and click Open.

This will take a while depending on how long the demo actually is - WMM will start adding all the screenies to the "Collection" list. Now go to "Tools>Options..." and set the Picture Duration to "0.250" using the arrow buttons.

7. Select all the screenshots in the Collections list and drag them into the "Storyboard" below.

WMM will now SLOWLY add the pictures to the Storyboard and eventually you'll have a nice long line of frames.

8. Save your movie (File>Save Project) and go to "File>Save Movie File..." and make sure "My Computer" is selected. Click Next. Choose any name you want for the file and click Next again.

You can choose any quality you want by clicking "Show more options" and then clicking on the drop-down list next to "Other Settings:" - I choose "High quality video (small)", because it gives the best quality output, but in a small window so it takes up less hard drive space.

When you have selected a quality, click Next. Now WMM will start to compile your movie. Depending on the quality and the length of the video, this can sometimes take a very long time, so sit tight!

When it (finally) finishes, you can find the movie file as a .wmv file in "My Documents/My Videos"

Play it and enjoy!

Note that it will not have any sound, so you can add music once the pictures are finished.

Under "Capture Video" again, click "Import audio or music" and select the song of your choice.

When you click Open, the music will be put into your Collections window with the screenshots. On the Storyboard area, click "Show Timeline" - you will now get a different view of your movie. Simply drag the audio file onto the Audio/Music part to add it to the movie. You can trim the music by selecting it and dragging the edges so that it plays through the film instead of playing the whole song and giving a blank screen at the end of the film.

OK! That's it! When you're done you can compile your movie again (groan) and test it. You can also add credits and titles to your movie in the same way you add audio and pictures by clicking "Make titles or credits" under "2. Edit Movie" - this is self-explanatory.


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