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I don't want to go about trying to insult people's religious beliefs here, but I feel obliged to say one or two words. I understand that from a religious point of view, people can see homosexuality as a wrong and sinful act. Why is this? Because it has been commanded by God, or whatever all-powerful being may exist? It's been set into concrete rules established over the last however many thousand years?

Now, try to abdecate the effect of religious beliefs on this subject. Just for one teeny tiny second. Don't look at this issue from a common opinion set by those in your religion...look at what you believe, each of you personally. Why is homosexuality wrong? What about the issue that men and women were "designed" (no doubt by God, eh?) to reproduce...that a relationship between two men could not exist because it goes against the "laws" set by nature.

I know a lot of people have pointed out that we are not here simply to reproduce over and over again. We have grown as a species over the last thousands of years into superior, intelligent and emotional beings. Relationships do not exist for the sole pupose of reproduction, to think that would be so demeaning to us as human beings. Relationships exist on many different levels, with both men and women and same sex...what reason can be given to pronounce that a union such as marriage can only exist between a man and a woman? With all the advancement and evolution that has taken place, mentally and socially, in the history of our species, should we really condemn ourselves to be so narrow-minded and afraid of change?

So, what about rehabilition then? What about curing the homosexual population of this "anomoly" by trying to change them back to "normal"? So we're saying that homosexuality is like a disease, a stray or emotional mutation away from normalility (assuming that we're defining "normal" as being heterosexual)? Homosexuality is not something wrong with the human body; it is a different opinion on the subject of sexuality, an alternative view. How can you cure on opinion or emotional feeling? That in itself is taking away our very individuality, something that separates us from each other, taking away our right to express our views and opinions, taking away our freedom. How can you say that we are "individuals" if certain people think everybody should be the same, to think the same way? Well, if some people want to look at rehabilitation as a solution, then they have quite a large population to cure...

I believe we're all entitled to our own views and opinions, and to express ourselves as we see fit. I don't see why gay marriages should be viewed as so "abnormal" and "wrong"...I spose a lot of people who are gay would think that heterosexuality is can we say who is more right? My point is, why should we be so narrow-minded towards a subject that so many people are in favour of. As most people have said in this thread, those arguements against gay marriages are mostly religious-based. Disallowing same sex marriages is also causing more controversy for the gay population, and as has been proved (in this thread, anyway), that many heterosexual people are even in favour. I think you'll find that the benefits of allowing same sex marriages will be much greater than the disadvantages. That's all from me for now

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