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And since about 90% of Jedi Outcast servers use admin mods then you must think that 90% of the Jedi Outcast community is gay, right?
493 JK2 servers (as of 4:12PM CST today, using ASE)

236 are using no mods ('none')
19 servers using Vulcanus Admin Mod
5 servers using JediPLUS
3 servers using JediMod
0 using JK2++
0 using JediMovesMod
0 using OmniMOD
0 using ProMod
198 (!) using Jedi Academy
4 using xmod
3 using Duelers
0 using Gen-X
0 using ForceMod
1 using Balance of the Force
24 using "Other"
So it looks like most JK2 servers are running "no mods" and of the ones that ARE running mods, they're running the Jedi Academy mod.

So, at the very most, 52% of JK2 servers are using admin mods (assuming we combine all the mods being used in those categories, although that's still very generous since not all of them may include "admin" features).

Other stats:
1066 JK2 players total
472 JK2 players on "no mod" servers according to ASE
So again, slightly more than half of the players right now are on these mod servers, which may or may not be running mods that use admin features.

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