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First off, Shock - you got me. I did miss your question... so now I'll answer it. Does it hurt me?

Directly? NO.
Indirectly? It can.

Now before everyone jumps on me, here's what I mean: I don't have a problem with their choice. I may disagree with it and feel its sin, but it's their decision. It does affect me when it affects family structure. The one father, one mother family is a tried and true structure that's been embraced for most cultures for millenia. Deviation from it can have disastrous effects on the culture. Moreover, in looking at gay/lesbian couples (I think I said this earlier), most of them don't want marriage. Actually, most of their relationships only last a few months, and I think it's less than ten percent that say they were actually entirely faithful to their partner for two years or more - if not that, then it's close. Now, if that's true, why is there such a huge movement to legalize marriage for them?

I've been criticized for this before, and I'll probably take flak here, but I'll say it again: certain segments of the left - by which I mean certain liberal groups, not the "left as a whole" - have an anti-family agenda. Don't ask me why, but these are the people that have pushed for an absolute removal of Christianity from every aspect of life. Christians try to present a certain perspective and are called bigots. Christians try to call for morality and are called "old-fashioned" or "behind the times". The people I'm talking about have a greater interest in eradicating Christian morality than in advancing others' rights. Here's what I mean: it's the same people that espouse radical feminism (don't get me wrong, I think women's rights are awesome and absolutely essential - just not some of the extremist agendas), the homosexual agenda, and incredible degrees of moral relativism. These don't seem all that related - except that they all contradict tradition Judeo-Christian (and even Muslim and other religions) morality.

It's no more a conspiracy than the KKK - not a great comparison, but it makes the point. It's just that the KKK's rhetoric is clearly ridiculous, and even their "Biblical" standpoint is idiotic - something that the authors of the scriptures they quote would never have agreed with. It's just that these liberal groups couch their ideas in rhetoric of "tolerance" and appeal to the past history of wrongs against other groups. However, there's a distinct moral difference (and like it or not, it is a moral issue, at least from the public's perspective) between slavery or oppression of blacks or hispanics or women and homosexuality. Even from a Biblical perspective...

The biggest problem with our culture is that we have this idea that all viewpoints and lifestyles are equally "right" - the only definition of right is "if it works for you". Now, this will be an extreme example, but try to see beyond that to my point, okay? If the "tolerance" of today - that is, we can't offend anyone and their viewpoint is right as long as it works for them - then Hitler was a great man. He not only followed his own morality, but he achieved it in a great way. Moreover, the terrorists behind 9/11 are also incredible heroes.

That's a bit extreme, I'll admit. But it's the logical conclusion of the moral relativism espoused by many liberals (and all too many conservatives, unfortunately). But they won't tell you that, either...

My point is, where's the line? Where do we get the prerogative to throw out not centuries, but literally many millennia of morality?

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