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There's something I have to say by the way.

Another thing about the pro-gay party I hate is how you are automatically branded a bigot if you try to exercise your right to not see that kind of cavorting in public, gay parades, and so on.

I don't know about you, but if it is allowed to be anti-American, then it should sure as all eternal heck be allowed to be openly anti-gay, with no insults and namecalling going to either side.

And gays use the political correctness to their advantage. One Catholic group in a college declined to elect a gay person to be their group leader and were penalized for it, because supposedly not electing a gay person to a position AUTOMATICALLY makes you anti gay. I forgot what college campus this was. But either way, it is a crock. I will thusly also not support gay marriage until the politically correct crap is abolished.

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