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It does affect me when it affects family structure. The one father, one mother family is a tried and true structure that's been embraced for most cultures for millenia. Deviation from it can have disastrous effects on the culture.
But it does not affect your own family structure. Homosexual marriages are within their own circle. Allowing homosexuals does not restrict you from living within the traditional family unit.

Evidence, please, for the idea that deviation can have "disastrous" effects on the culture.

Moreover, in looking at gay/lesbian couples (I think I said this earlier), most of them don't want marriage. Actually, most of their relationships only last a few months, and I think it's less than ten percent that say they were actually entirely faithful to their partner for two years or more - if not that, then it's close. Now, if that's true, why is there such a huge movement to legalize marriage for them?
We already asked you for credible evidence for this. We've seen none so far...

Furthermore, there is a movement to legalize it because, even if you are right and very few actually do want to marry, they still should have that right if they choose. They are harming nobody, and by marrying they gain access to signifigant marital benefits, that they should have a right to.

Don't ask me why, but these are the people that have pushed for an absolute removal of Christianity from every aspect of life.
It's not the Christianity that a lot of people have a problem with. It's the intolerance that affects others. That intolerance may have some place within a religious group or religion. But it should have no dominion over people who do not subscribe to it, or do not believe that certain portion of it.

If the "tolerance" of today - that is, we can't offend anyone and their viewpoint is right as long as it works for them - then Hitler was a great man. He not only followed his own morality, but he achieved it in a great way. Moreover, the terrorists behind 9/11 are also incredible heroes.
Your analysis fails, as the situations are completely different. Both the 9/11 terrorists and Hitler were having signifigant negative impacts on groups of people who did not want it. Homosexual marriages, as I have said before, do not affect anyone except the two consenting adults within the marriage. The analysis would be better applied to right-wing Christian groups than to leftist radicals, although it's too extreme for either one.

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