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Just as a note, I do believe it is in every human's rights to have a choice to watch a gay parade, or to partake in pro-gay activities, or even believe homosexuality is wrong. However, I also do believe that it is also in the homosexual person's right to express thier homosexuality freely, with the same benefits from nuptial laws as heterosexuals would.

Now, Master_Keralys

Please, as others before me have requested, show us some actual credible surveys on the average span of a gay relationship.

As well, I understand that homosexuality is against your cultural beliefs. But what right do you have to force your cultural beliefs onto homosexuals, arguing that the majority do not accept homosexuality, and thusly it shouldnt be legal.

I could say, hypothetically, that it is against my culture for you to be heterosexual. Please turn homosexual, or else you are infringing on my cultural beliefs. Who's right? Niether. Niether are wrong, either.

As for your Hitler scenario, you are missing one important detail. That Hitler forced his views on the masses. Namely, Jews. He condemned Jews in a horrible holocaust. He didnt let everyone just follow thier own cultures, he forced others to become Christian, often even doing mass genocides on races that didnt want to change thier beliefs.

Again, I think that it would be wrong for homosexuals to parade into your house, demanding that you accept gays. However, I also think that it is wrong for you to do the same to them.

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