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This isn't about abolishing the Christian religion, but it's ideals should not be forced onto those who do not believe in the Christian faith (as I'm sure there are many) i.e. same sex marriages should not be banned because the religion these public leaders believe in dictates it.

However, this issue is still being looked at from a religious point of view only. What about the moral aspects of it. MK, the example scenarios you gave did make me think...though, there is a distinct difference between them and the issue of homosexuality if you look at them in a moral context. The two examples you gave involved brutal, deliberate murder of fellow human beings. Are you saying homosexual marriages fall into that same category?

I do not think gay marriages should be viewed as a crime. I'm sure it will not affect you if you do not probe, and that's exactly what is being done. People are treating it as such a big deal, thus further separating and labelling homosexuals away from the so-called "norm" (whatever that may mean). Homosexuals are as much humans as heterosexuals, and no matter how much they are singled out and ridiculed, should be given the same equal rights that they deserve.

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