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This is my first post here.

I like XvT it is posssible to do it that way. Like probably when you first get a ship the lasers will be weaker same with shields. Imagine how cool it will be to come from hyperspace with a large fleet and win a battle that was hopeless. No /command it kind of gets boring doing that and the computer does the rest. It gets boring pushing buttons or typing then wait for the enemy to die. That is one thing that I don't want in space battles.I don't care how good the grafics are for all i care they can use XvT and change a few things.

With professions there should be ground skills and space skills to cope with skill points. A class like ship builders have 4 box things like Fighters, Bomers, weapon systems, and shielding. A ship bulider should be able to first build Tie Fighters and Z95's for fighters. Then build intercepters and X-wings. Then build Tie Advances and A-wings. Finally Tie defenders and some new rebel craft. Kind of like that so at first people will have weak ships and move up to powerful ships. You should be able to put what type of lasers u have like 1 normal and 1 ion or with tie defender 6 normal.

U should be able to control capital ships and give advanced commands to your fighters. It might give a profession to politian.If you are borded by an enemy u should be able to fight them, but only for capital ship or transports. I don't know how you will fight in the an a-wing. No gunnry turrents because then it will be suicide to attack a capital ship. Then it will be pointless to be a fighter.

It can work and be something everone wants. There can be more Star Wars like missions. For example you could defeat a fleet, but they crash and you have to find the survivers. That will be the best!!!

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