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*at the rendezvous point* Where is Horn? Captain, any ships on sensors?

[Captain:] Sir---we have new arrivals in the area.

[Aaron:] Who?

[Captain:] They aren't---Wait! Admiral! A whole fleet of Star Destroyers have just dropped out of hyperspace! And they've got Inderdictors with them!

[Aaron:] How big is the fleet?

[Captain:] Almost as big as the detachment we have with us, sir---and they've got more coming in!

[Aaron:] How far does the fleet need to move before we can safely enter hyperspace?

[Captain:] Their fleet is blocking most of the escape routes, and the Interdictors are moving to block the rest. Should we fight or run?

[Aaron:] Order all hyperspace-capable fighters to engage the Interdictors! And get the fleet moving towards the fastest way out of Yavin's mass shadow.

[Captain:] There is another fleet on sensors moving towards us. I believe it is Admiral Horn's fleet. I cannot make contact with them---our communications are being jammed.

[Aaron:] It looks like Horn has betrayed us again. Order all ships to retreat once the Interdictors are destroyed.
*to himself* You'll pay for this, Warlord Horn. Trael made the mistake of letting you live---I won't.

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