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well the other things isn't inviting others to spam dude....

it a place where ppl want to post abt other thing s it go there like saying happy birthday to godzilla.........or maybe having a small chat abt other things like their personal problem.etc and other games share with us.....when u create such thread u got to have a certain level of trust everyone that they dun spam(maybe 1 or 2 is fine)........that other things is juz a place for every 1 to small things can be tolerated and it better than how to say erm.... let say.....when u visit other mods forum u probaly see a lot of ppl creating new threads to say something like war with iraq straight even if it not related to the mod but having this section they can juz dump the thing in there and we can see it when we want to it like (u know when SARS come that time ppl who get infected get quartine in the hospital bed room for treatment.

well ignore it if u dun understand it juz like a level of trust and a bit more freedom and also knowing the normal behaviour of most forum users(which i have.....)

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